Chef Rocco

Chef Rocco
He's courageous, fun and kindhearted. Not to mention he makes wicked pizza.
Chef Bio


Rocco Agostino

Executive Chef and Partner for Pizzeria Libretto, Partner of Enoteca Sociale


Rocco was born and raised in Toronto, by two Italian parents who had immigrated to Canada a few years before. As a child he spent his days playing outside in the park or the alleyway behind his house, and dreamt of becoming a musician; but didn’t make it far with the accordion. Young Rocco’s passion for food was cultivated at an early age when he sold fruit for his uncle. He would try out a few other professions along the way, such as shoe salesman and real estate agent, but Rocco’s passion and love for the kitchen could not be denied. Starting as a dishwasher at Ciao Bella in Woodbridge, Rocco’s hunger for food took him first to the Stratford Chef’s School, and then to study abroad in Rome for several years. His first experience leading a kitchen was at Ferro Bar Café and from there he went on to open his very own restaurant the Silver Spoon. Rocco, alongside Max Rimaldi opened Pizzeria Libretto in 2008, and have since been changing the Toronto landscape of Pizza.


When Rocco is not busy slinging pizzas in the kitchen, he loves to spend his days with his wife and partner Kara of over 10 years, and their two children Super Sebastian and Mighty Mia. Being active is important to their family, and the Agostino clan is often biking or playing in the park.


His philosophy is one of simplicity, flavour and passion. Using a few seasonal ingredients to create a tasty dish that evokes memories of a passionate heart.

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